What We Do

The R.E. LED team has been working with display technologies for over 30+ years in the commercial and residential Audio-Visual industry. We bring spaces to life with powerful displays to help our customers share their message, watch their favourite show or brighten a meeting space with technology that is simple and easy to use. Get in touch and let us know what you have in mind, we will help you bring that idea to life!


House of worship

R.E. LED Video Walls bring new vibrance and energy to Houses of Worship!


R.E. LED Scoreboards integrate into your stadium, arena or outdoor field to bring your audience an immersive experience filled with highlights from the game, stats of players, advertising for your sponsors, and much more!

Public Displays

Catch your customers eye with R.E. LED Video Wall displays!

HD Displays/Meeting Spaces/HUB

R.E. LED High-Definition displays deliver a spectacular viewing experience for corporate boardrooms, control centres, lecture theaters, and enterprise applications where close viewing is required.


Our modular cabinets allow you to reconfigure your R.E. LED video wall to meet your needs of the day.

Customized Creative Display Solutions

As a leader in the visual display industry, R.E LED Displays utilize the latest technology and superior craftsmanship, integrating digital displays and signage to create a one of a kind digital display experience. Our LED video wall solutions are not limited by anything other than your imagination. No matter the application,  IndoorOutdoor or creative freeform, we have the solution, coupled with the experience to develop, manage and deliver every aspect of your LED display project.

Create something unique by contacting us today to find out how we can help.



Our products are user-friendly to create, adapt, and transform content specific to each application. The display gives the ability to deliver announcements, broadcast messages, and project captivating visual images. The LED walls can be customized in various ways. The high-quality display is sharper, brighter, and more efficient than projection or other forms of digital monitors.

Our sales associates will assist in paring one of our products based on your needs.


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