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Make your Gym, Field, Track, Pool into a professional sports arena with one of our Scoreboard Media Walls!

The age of analog scoreboards is over, the digital transformation of the gymnasium is here. With this transformation you will have a scoreboard for ever sport bring greater fan engagement. It will also provide a media and collaboration space for all events, truly transforming the gymnasium, arena, or sports facility.

I. Overview

21st Century Scoreboard Systems integrating multimedia sources can digitally transform your space into a professional arena. Our systems have been designed to integrate standard Audio Video components to enhance your space as you want it to be. You can continue to add onto your system with additional sources;

  • Scorekeeping software (Powered by PC SCOREBOARDS)
    • 30+ Sport specific and multi-sport options available
    • Buy multiple licenses for each user group or sport specific group
    • Phone, email and live remote support included
    • Upgrade to new versions with new features as they become available
  • Presentation systems
  • Emergency broadcast systems
  • Instant replay systems (ask us about MYPLAY Software add-ons)
  • Live television & streaming events
  • DVD/Blu-Ray players
  • Video game consoles
  • Informational signage systems
  • Interactive learning systems to engage students
  • Digital advertising to generate revenue or recognize sponsors/donors/boosters
R.E. LED Scoreboard Mediawalls include;
  • LED Scoreboard Mediawalls in either a P3 or P5 pixel pitch with broadcast quality refresh rate for live broadcast applications
  • All necessary hardware for connecting cabinets to the LED processor
    • Processor must be within 20’ of scoreboard mediawall, otherwise extensions may be required (CAT5/6 or Fibre Optic)
      • Data run requirements provided when you order your scoreboard mediawall.
    • 20’ Power Cables Included to reach customer supplied power outlets
      • Power requirements provided when your order your scoreboard mediawall.
    • Input cabling to processor not supplied, typically HDMI/DVI inputs are best to plan for in your system design
  • Mounting Solution
    • Wall mount or ceiling hung
  • Trimkit to protect the edges of the Scoreboard Mediawall
  • 10% spare parts for serviceability
  • Lifetime repairs of LED modules (depot warranty)
  • LED Processor – Preconfigured and scalable to accept multiple sources and resolutions
  • Lifetime Software License for PC SCOREBOARDS software key of your choosing
    • pick your sport
    • additional sports available at an additional cost
    • upgrades for newer versions available upon release for a cost
  • Documentation;
    • System wiring diagram
    • Mounting configuration
    • Service and Maintenance FAQ’s and videos
We support the following Sports;
  • Multisport**
  • All aquatic sports
    • Swimming
    • Water Polo
  • Football 
  • Basketball** 
  • Volleyball**
  • Track and Field
  • Wrestling**
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Futsal
  • Australian Rules Football
  • Soccer
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Hockey 
  • Handball
  • Lacrosse
  • Rugby
  • Gymnastics 
  • Athletics 
  • Curling 
*If you do not see the sport you need, ask us about a custom design
**These scoreboards include the following premium features!
Premium Features of the V3 Scoreboard Software includes (as per above);

II. Features

Score Banners - Show a score bug over live video. A ScoreBox® alternative

Using the award winning platform from PC SCOREBOARDS we can also help you stream your live event with score banners so you can professionally overlay current scoreboard information on top of live or recorded video to share with a global audience!

The score banner screen allows complete configuration of scoreboard elements, size, position, and colors.

Change colors, adjust the order of fields, and add/remove fields in the scoreboard options.

Drag and drop the score banner anywhere on the screen, then resize the score banner to be as large or small as required.

All score banners can be overlayed using a user selected chroma-key color or floating window, providing you with flexibility for overlaying the score bug over game footage.

**Image courtesy of PC SCOREBOARDS
** Not available on all scoreboard layouts

Scoreboard Banner
Video Player - Inform and entertain your spectators with videos on the scoreboard!

Using the award winning platform from PC SCOREBOARDS you can play your own videos on the scoreboard during breaks in the game! Video player is a feature available on select scoreboards that allows you to play your own videos on demand on the scoreboard. You can use this feature to display your sponsor advertisements, player intros, player stats, half-time clips, and more.

**Image courtesy of PC SCOREBOARDS
** Not available on all scoreboard layouts

Scoreboard Video Player
Web Remote - Control your scoreboard from a mobile device!

Using the award winning platform from PC SCOREBOARDS you can allow your game officials to control the clock, change scores, sound the buzzer, and much more directly from the court! Web Remote is a feature available on select scoreboards that allows you to control your scoreboard from most any mobile device. This includes iPads, iPods, tablets, smart phones, netbooks, and most any other device that has a web browser. While the scoreboard application runs on a Windows computer, the Web Remote feature allows you to control that scoreboard from a remote device.

**Image courtesy of PC SCOREBOARDS
** Not available on all scoreboard layouts

Scoreboard Video Player
Data Output – Send your live scoreboard data to other systems such as graphic generators

Data output is a feature available on select scoreboards that allows you to send your live scoreboard data to other systems. You can use this feature to send data to a graphic generator, video broadcast application, or your own custom program.

**Image courtesy of PC SCOREBOARDS
** Not available on all scoreboard layouts

Scoreboard Video Player
Screen Positioning - Position your scoreboard screens exactly where you want using a variety of options!

Easily size and position your scoreboard screens using a variety of options. Position screens using your mouse, make a screen fill an entire display, or position a screen using coordinates.

**Image courtesy of PC SCOREBOARDS
** Not available on all scoreboard layouts

Scoreboard Positioning

III. AddOns

Shot Clocks

We have shot clocks for all different environments. Utilizing the same scorekeeping platform powered by PC SCOREBOARDS we can add in scoreboards to your system and make it easy for players and your fans to see the shot clock.

**Image courtesy of PC SCOREBOARDS
** Not available on all scoreboard layouts

Scoreboard Shot Clock

Audio Visual Integration Systems

Add in Audio/Video components that will allow you to meet all of your needs.

  • Control system for ease of use
  • Audio solutions for buzzers, presentations, vidoes, etc.
  • Video Switching to make your system user friendly
  • Videowall Processors to manage multiple sources and configurations
  • Live Streaming systems to share your space with a larger audience
Scoreboard Video Player

Scorekeeper Table

We can help you design a physical scorekeeper table or simply supply the technology that enables your space to perform the way you want it to. Just ask us how we can help. We will ask you a bunch of questions to ensure we include the components that will meet your needs and provide future proofed designs to ensure you can meet those needs you haven’t even thought of yet.

Live Streaming Solutions

Our partners at Panasonic have great options to record and live stream your events. Panasonic's video switchers seamlessly integrate into your facility and are perfect for both large venue events and intimate productions. Bringing the exhilaration of live viewing to the audience.

Powered by Panasonic

Scoreboard Video Player
Trivia Scoreboard

Our Trivia Scoreboard is an easy to use, cost effective, and professional trivia scoreboard that will get your players and spectators engaged in the game. Combine our trivia scoring software with your computer and projector/display for a complete trivia scorekeeping solution.


  • Score 1 to 100+ teams
  • Show each team's name & picture/logo
  • Allow teams to buzz in
  • Sort teams by their score

**Image courtesy of PC SCOREBOARDS

Scoreboard Video Player
MYPLAY Software

MyPlay is an all-in-one Sports Video Solution, helping clubs and teams, around the world, bring their game to the next level. Our goal is to provide you with professional grade tools that are simple and affordable so that you can assess every athletic moment. MyPlay provides in-house cameras, stats, breakdowns and live streaming from all your games and practices.

MYPLAY also is an interactive platform for coaches; allowing total control and editing capabilities to share with players in order to gain that all- important edge. Tactical video breakdown is the next wave in sports advancement and MyPlay will be your ticket to championship success!

Scoreboard Video Player

MyPlay has developed an AI algorithm that recognizes the action on the court and accurately detects the position of the players. Using this algorithm in tandem with our wide angle lens, Ultra-HD resolution sensor (30 frames per second), we deliver video that automatically zooms and pans to follow the game-play action, creating a TV-like viewing experience. All without human intervention.

Key Features;

  • Record and Upload - MyPlay’s cutting-edge camera technology automatically tracks and records your games and training sessions. The fixed, unmanned camera system is remotely controlled and easily activated from your mobile device. This means you can conveniently record, or schedule future recordings, from any location. Our interactive mobile platform and VOD (video on demand) service allows you to watch your recordings anywhere, at any time. Recordings are automatically uploaded and saved to the cloud for easy access on your individual team channel. For away games, directly upload video files to your team channel. All your recordings will also be available for download from your mobile device.
  • Game Stats - MyPlay’s Breakdown & Stats service offers highly detailed insights so you can make data-based decisions regarding your players. Our dedicated team of professional analysts work around the clock to construct in- depth feedback with full game breakdowns, comprehensive statistics and interactive heat maps to help you improve your game. Our advanced analytics, includes team stats, individual stats, shooting charts, box scores, heat maps, personal profiles for each athlete, and convenient filtering options so you can analyze specific moments, players or trends throughout the season. Data breakdown is completed within 24 hours. You will receive an email as soon as the reports are ready.
  • Live Stream - MyPlay’s auto-tracking camera system utilizes advanced algorithm technology to precisely follow gameplay action, all while live streaming your games and training sessions. No cameraman necessary! Connect with your fans, scouts, parents and alumni by giving them permanent front-row seats to all games through high-quality, live streams. Our live streams are equipped with an integrated digital scoreboard capability to help your audience keep up with the action.
  • Highlights and Clips - Easily identify highlights, key plays and teaching moments from games and training sessions with MyPlay’s integrated clip creator. You can capture, edit and tag valuable footage while adding personal feedback to share with the entire team or individual athletes. Players can create and save their own highlights on their personal pages, as well as share clips with friends, family, recruiters or scouts via social media. Highlights can be pulled from the original game footage or exported directly from game breakdowns. All clips from games and breakdowns can be easily packaged together for training videos or highlight reels. Unlimited access to high-quality game film will enhance your team training, communication and player development. You can work together, from home or any location, by submitting clips and comments to collaboratively analyze performance and prepare to face your opponents.

**features noted above are from the MYPLAY website

Our products are user-friendly for students/users to create, adapt, and transform content specific to each venue. The LED walls can be customized in various ways; the displays could be arranged to present one large display, or various displays across the screen. The high-quality display is sharper, brighter, and more efficient than projection or other forms of digital monitors.

Our sales associates will assist in paring one of our products with your sports venue.

IV. Key Features

Indoor Scoreboard Value Cabinets
  • Standard Packages come in the following sizes (16:9 aspect ratio);
    • 115”
    • 144”
    • 186”
    • 235”

**custom sizes available

  • SMD Technology
  • Available in 500X500, 750X500 and 1000X500 cabinets
  • Front and Rear Serviceable
  • Pixel Pitch options include P3.9 and P5.9
  • High Refresh rate for live broadcast applications
  • Hanging or wall mounts available
  • Customization available
  • High Bright options available up to 3500 nits
Outdoor Scoreboard Value Cabinets
  • Double Waterproof design
  • Pixel Pitch range is 4.4 to 10
  • 5500 nits to 6500 nits, with High Bright configurations available up to 9000 nits
  • Front and Rear serviceable
  • Aluminum Chassis for lightweight but strong design


Here is what you can expect when R.E. LED Displays helps you design and build your video wall;


  • Engagement

    LED Walls in your arena, gym or other sports venue capture the attention of your community through both its picture quality and brightness. They can be used to cultivate a unique experience and project messages throughout events that resonate with your audience.

  • Design and Build

    At R.E. LED each LED display project is developed from the client’s vision and curated to their audience. We consultant with various technical teams to seamlessly integrate LED display technology into any environment.

  • Immersive Environments

    Engaging your customer is essential in cultivating a meaningful retail and hospitality experience. Digital LED signage has been proven to increase customer traffic, audience participation, and brand recognition.


    LED video Displays are easily configurable and adaptable. They allow for you to easily change information, sell additional advertisement space, as well as support the local economy with quality targeted advertising.

  • Flexibility

    R.E.LED offers seamless large-format LED displays in a variety of resolutions, providing clear and detailed image displays. The video walls display video, song lyrics, and live IMAGE video that is easily configurable by your production team. The display offers the ability to deliver up-to-date scores, broadcast current news alongside high-quality picture and video.

  • Efficiency

    Though LED is inherently brighter than most traditional video display technologies, it usually requires half the power. Additionally, LED displays have a lifespan nearly 2.5x than of a projector – 100,000 hours at half brightness.

  • Technical Support

    We understand that there may be a learning curve involved in transitioning to LED display technology. That’s why we offer Technical Support, industry leading product warranties, and service contract options with every one of our LED display products. So not only is your product fully covered, but so is your investment.

  • Certified Products

    Every one of our solutions is CE/ETL/FCC certified and meets the highest requirements for this certification. Our products are all tested and must meet with the industries highest performance measure before we ship them to you. With R.E. LED you can be sure you’re getting the best products on the market!


Custom Solution

Our products are user-friendly to create, adapt, and transform content specific to each application. The display gives the ability to deliver announcements, broadcast messages, and project captivating visual images. The LED walls can be customized in various ways. The high-quality display is sharper, brighter, and more efficient than projection or other forms of digital monitors.

Our sales associates will assist in paring one of our products based on your needs.


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